The Family Tree

Ruby Hatton

Person Chart

Additional Names

Additional Names Name
Married Name Outen


Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth
Richard Hatton Catherine Burns


Partner Date of Birth Children
George Mitchell
Abraham Outen Derek Outen
Adrian Outen

Person Events

Event Type Date Place Description
Birth 7 March 1916

Kinship Report

Name Type Place of Birth Date of Birth Place of Death Date of Death
Abraham Outen Partner or husband
George Mitchell Partner or husband
Brothers & Sisters
Richard Frederick Hatton Stepbrother 23 May 1903
Thomas Hatton Brother June 1905
James Hatton Brother March 1907
John (Jack) Hatton Brother 23 May 1909
Lily Hatton Sister 7 March 1911
Ernest Hatton Brother 21 March 1913
Violet Hatton Sister 13 August 1914
George Hatton Brother 13 August 1918 2011
Edward Hatton Half-brother Athlone, Ireland 23 March 1924 Limerick, Ireland 5 August 1975
Adrian Outen Son
Derek Outen Son
Catherine Burns Mother
Richard Hatton Father 1920
Ewan Outen Grandson
Leslie Outen Grandson
Miriam Outen Granddaughter
Sharon Outen Granddaughter
Catherine Dunlop Grandmother
Ellen Cassidy Grandmother
John Burns Grandfather
James Hatton Grandfather 1821
Nephews & Nieces
Anne Hatton Niece
Brian Kelly Nephew
Catriona Hatton Niece
David Hatton Nephew
Eric Hatton Nephew
Ernest Hatton Nephew
Frederick Hatton Nephew
John Kelly Nephew
Leonard Hatton Nephew
Louie Hatton Niece
Rhona Hatton Niece Limerick, Ireland 2002
Richard Hatton Nephew
Robin Hatton Nephew
Yvonne Hatton Niece
Irene Hatton Niece Cork, Ireland 1948
Jacinta Hatton Niece 31 January 1960
Grandnephews & Grandnieces
Aisling Kelly Grandniece
Brian Kelly Grandnephew
Brian Kenny Grandnephew
Carol Kelly Grandniece
Charles Hatton Grandnephew
Charlie Collins Grandnephew Limerick, Ireland
Dermot Lyons Grandnephew
Edward Kenny Grandnephew
Emma Connaughton Grandniece
Fiona Kelly Grandniece
Howard Hatton Grandnephew
Ian Hatton Grandnephew
Jack Hatton Grandnephew London, United Kingdom
John Connaughton Grandnephew
Laura Kelly Grandniece
Laurence Hatton Grandnephew
Peter Hatton Grandnephew
Sean Kelly Grandnephew
Sharon Kenny Grandniece Cork, Ireland
Gillian Noreen Crowley Grandniece Cork 1972
Jennifer Crowley Grandniece Chicago, Illinois, United States 1977
Dr. Katie Emma Crowley Grandniece Cork 1981
Hugh O'Brien Grandnephew 1988
Alan O'Brien Grandnephew 1993
Great grandnephews & Great grandnieces
Brian Kelly ? Great grandnephew
Ciona Lawless Great grandniece
Kacey Long Great grandniece Cork, Ireland
Katie Dunne Great grandniece
Odran Kelly Great grandnephew
Oilann Kenny Great grandnephew
Mia Irene Kulkarni Great grandniece Brussels, Belgium 2002
Sophie Christine Kulkarni Great grandniece Brussels, Belgium 2002
Grace Lucy Florence Kulkarni Great grandniece Brussels, Belgium 2007
Ethan Daniel Carne Great grandnephew Bromley, Kent, UK 2010
Harry David Kenny Great grandnephew 2013
Owen Edward Carne Great grandnephew Bromley, England 3 December 2013
Uncles & Aunts
Charlotte Hatton Aunt
James Hatton Uncle
Mary Hatton Aunt
Sarah Hatton Aunt
Thomas Hatton Uncle