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Additional Names

Additional Names Name
Married Name Kulkarni

Kinship Report

Name Type Place of Birth Date of Birth Place of Death Date of Death
Vishnu Kulkarni Partner or husband
Anant Kulkarni Son
Shantaram Kulkarni Son
Unknown Kulkarni Son
Waman Kulkarni Son 1908
Ashok Kulkarni Grandson
Bahagwan Kulkarni Grandson
Dattari Kulkarni Grandson
Dilip Kulkarni Grandson
Kulkarni Grandson
Kumud Kulkarni Granddaughter
Shaker Kulkarni Grandson
Suresh Kulkarni Grandson
Vijay Kulkarni Grandson
Vinud Kulkarni Grandson
Vishnath Kulkarni Grandson
Yashant Kulkarni Grandson
Arvind Kulkarni Grandson 1940
Great grandchildren
Amita Kulkarni Great granddaughter
Anagha Kulkarni Great granddaughter
Ashou Kulkarni Great granddaughter
Dipika Kulkarni Great grandson
Durga Kulkarni Great granddaughter
Gauri Kulkarni Great granddaughter
Hatel Kulkarni Great grandson
Hurshal Nadkarni Great grandson
Madha Kulkarni Great granddaughter
Nanda Kularni Great granddaughter
Silash Kulkarni Great grandson
Julian Arvind Kulkarni Great grandson London 1973
Paul Kulkarni Great grandson 1976
Susan Kulkarni Great granddaughter 1981
Second grandchildren
male Kulkarni Second grandson
Mia Irene Kulkarni Second granddaughter Brussels, Belgium 2002
Sophie Christine Kulkarni Second granddaughter Brussels, Belgium 2002
Grace Lucy Florence Kulkarni Second granddaughter Brussels, Belgium 2007
Alexander Kulkarni Second grandson 5 December 2013
Great grandchildren-in-law
Gillian Noreen Crowley Great granddaughter-in-law Cork 1972