The Family Tree

Nora Unknown

Person Chart

Additional Names

Additional Names Name
Married Name Mullins


Partner Date of Birth Children
Frank Mullins

Person Events

Event Type Date Place Description
Birth 1852

Kinship Report

Name Type Place of Birth Date of Birth Place of Death Date of Death
Frank Mullins Son
Bridget Mullins Granddaughter
Elizabeth Mullins Granddaughter
Katie Mullins Granddaughter
Lucille Mullins Granddaughter
Mary Mullins Granddaughter
Great grandchildren
Catherine Malone Great granddaughter
Dympna Malone Great granddaughter
Finbarr Malone Great grandson
Frank Malone Great grandson
Henry Malone Great grandson
Jeremiah Malone Great grandson
John Malone Great grandson
Margie Malone Great grandson
Theresa Malone Great granddaughter
Lucy Malone Great granddaughter Cork 1922
Second grandchildren
Anthony Long Second grandson
Cerise Malone Second granddaughter
Christopher Long Second grandson
Diann Malone Second granddaughter
Eric Hatton Second grandson
Finbarr Malone Second grandson
Frances Long Second granddaughter
Frank Malone Second grandson
Gary Malone Second grandson
Gary Malone Second grandson
James Long Second grandson
John Malone Second grandson
Kevin Malone Second grandson
Lorraine Malone Second granddaughter
Louie Hatton Second granddaughter
Lucille Malone Second granddaughter
Lucy Malone Second granddaughter
Margaret Malone Second granddaughter
Martin Long Second grandson
Maurice Malone Second grandson
Mellssa Malone Second granddaughter
Michelle Ormond Second granddaughter
Patrick Ormond Second grandson
Rhona Hatton Second granddaughter Limerick, Ireland 2002
Stephen Malone Second grandson
Stephen Malone Second grandson
Susan Ormond Second granddaughter
Yves Malone Second grandson
Yvonne Ormond Second granddaughter
Irene Hatton Second granddaughter Cork, Ireland 1948
Jacinta Hatton Second granddaughter 31 January 1960
Third grandchildren
Alex McCann Third grandson
Brian Kenny Third grandson
Charlie Collins Third grandson Limerick, Ireland
Dermot Lyons Third grandson
Edward Kenny Third grandson
Eric McCann Third grandson
Faye Milner Third granddaughter
Finbarr Malone Third grandson
Harry McCann Third grandson
Jack Hatton Third grandson London, United Kingdom
Karly Milner Third granddaughter
Lucille Malone Third granddaughter
Lucy McCann Third granddaughter
Maurice Malone Third grandson
Neil Milner Third grandson
Sharon Kenny Third granddaughter Cork, Ireland
Gillian Noreen Crowley Third granddaughter Cork 1972
Jennifer Crowley Third granddaughter Chicago, Illinois, United States 1977
Dr. Katie Emma Crowley Third granddaughter Cork 1981
Hugh O'Brien Third grandson 1988
Alan O'Brien Third grandson 1993
Fourth grandchildren
Kacey Long Fourth granddaughter Cork, Ireland
Oilann Kenny Fourth grandson
Mia Irene Kulkarni Fourth granddaughter Brussels, Belgium 2002
Sophie Christine Kulkarni Fourth granddaughter Brussels, Belgium 2002
Grace Lucy Florence Kulkarni Fourth granddaughter Brussels, Belgium 2007
Ethan Daniel Carne Fourth grandson Bromley, Kent, UK 2010
Harry David Kenny Fourth grandson 2013
Owen Edward Carne Fourth grandson Bromley, England 3 December 2013
Second grandchildren-in-law
Dr. Daniel Crowley Second grandson-in-law Dublin, Ireland 1946
Third grandchildren-in-law
Julian Arvind Kulkarni Third grandson-in-law London 1973
John Carne Third grandson-in-law London, United Kingdom 14 March 1977