The Family Tree

Mary Mehigan

Person Chart


Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth
Owen Mehigan 1745 Unknown

Person Events

Event Type Date Place Description
Birth 1811

Kinship Report

Name Type Place of Birth Date of Birth Place of Death Date of Death
Brothers & Sisters
Charles Mehigan Brother 1784
Eugene Owen Mehigan Brother 1790 1867
Catherine Mehigan Sister 1825
Unknown Mother
Owen Mehigan Father 1745
Nephews & Nieces
Eugene Mehigan Nephew 1818 1884
Grandnephews & Grandnieces
Charles Mehigan Grandnephew
Great grandnephews & Great grandnieces
Annie Mehigan Great grandniece
Charlie Mehigan Great grandnephew
Eugene Mehigan Great grandnephew
Nellie Mehigan Great grandniece
Mary Mehigan Great grandniece 1881 1941
John Mehigan Great grandnephew 1895
Jimmy Mehigan Great grandnephew 1897 1931
Second grandnephews & Second grandnieces
Anne Crowley Second grandniece
Bartley Mehigan Second grandnephew
Charles Crowley Second grandnephew
Charlie Mehigan Second grandnephew 1989
Eileen Crowley Second grandniece
Greta Mehigan Second grandniece
James Crowley Second grandnephew 1980
Jeremiah Crowley Second grandnephew
John Mehigan Second grandnephew
Kathleen Crowley Second grandniece
Kitty Mehigan Second grandniece
Margaret (Peggy) Crowley Second grandniece
Nell Mehigan Second grandniece
Sheila Mehigan Second grandniece
Una Crowley Second grandniece
Mary (May) Crowley Second grandniece 1905 1989
William Crowley Second grandnephew 1913 1967
Daniel Crowley Second grandnephew 1916 1972
Paul Crowley Second grandniece 1919 1919
Peadar Crowley Second grandnephew Cork, Ireland 1919 Cork, Ireland 1998
Patrick Kevin Crowley Second grandnephew 1921 1993
Ellen Francis Mehigan Second grandniece 1925 1972
Third grandnephews & Third grandnieces
Anne Crowley Third grandniece
Audrey Hyland Third grandniece
Breda Crowley Third grandniece
Brian Crowley Third grandnephew
Brian Crowley Third grandnephew
Carol Crowley Third grandniece
Cerise Malone Third grandniece
Ciaran Hyland Third grandnephew
Eamonn Crowley Third grandnephew
Finbar Davis Third grandnephew
Frank Malone Third grandnephew
Garry Crowley Third grandnephew
Hazel Crowley Third grandniece
James Heffernan Crowley Third grandnephew
James Joseph Crowley Third grandnephew
John Malone Third grandnephew
Kathleen Crowley Third grandniece
Liam Crowley Third grandnephew
Lucille Malone Third grandniece
Margaret Malone Third grandniece
Mellssa Malone Third grandniece
Paul Hyland Third grandnephew
Phylis Davis Third grandniece
Shirley Crowley Third grandniece
Stephanie Davis Third grandniece
Stephen Malone Third grandnephew
Mary Crowley Third grandniece 1934
May Hyland Third grandniece 1943 2000
Donal Stephen Crowley Third grandnephew 1944
Don (Daniel) Crowley Third grandnephew 1945
Una Crowley Third grandniece 16/6/1946 3/6/2016
Dr. Daniel Crowley Third grandnephew Dublin, Ireland 1946
Roy Crowley Third grandnephew 1946
Michelin Crowley Third grandniece 1948
Peadar P. Crowley Third grandnephew 1949
Kevin Barry Crowley Third grandnephew 1953
Bernadette Crowley Third grandniece 1954
Nicholas Charles Shortland Third grandnephew 1955
John Crowley Third grandnephew 1956
Luke Noel Crowley Third grandnephew 1958 1984
John Gregory Shortland Third grandnephew 1962
Mark Crowley Third grandnephew 1965
Fourth grandnephews & Fourth grandnieces
Aine Crowley Fourth grandniece
Aisling Crowley Fourth grandniece
Allan Cahill Fourth grandnephew
Anne Hyland Fourth grandniece
Anne Maria Crowley Fourth grandniece
Barbara Foley Fourth grandniece
Bernice Shortland Fourth grandniece
Bill Crowley Fourth grandnephew
Caroline Crowley Fourth grandniece
Cathleen O'Connell Fourth grandniece
Christopher Boudren Fourth grandnephew
Ciaran Hyland Fourth grandnephew
Colm Crowley Fourth grandnephew
Conor McGuinness Fourth grandnephew
Daniel Corkery Fourth grandnephew
David Ellard Fourth grandnephew
David Shortland Fourth grandnephew
Dominic Crowley Fourth grandnephew
Donal Courtney Crowley Fourth grandnephew
Duncan Crowley Fourth grandnephew
Edel Crowley Fourth grandniece
Edwin O'Connell Fourth grandnephew
Emma Jane Finucane Fourth grandniece
Emma Louise O'Connell Fourth grandniece
Evelyn Crowley Fourth grandniece
Fergal Crowley Fourth grandnephew
Finbar Crowley Fourth grandnephew
Finbar McGuinness Fourth grandnephew
Finbarr Hyland Fourth grandnephew
Finbarr Malone Fourth grandnephew
Finn McCourt Fourth grandnephew
Francis O'Toole Fourth grandnephew
Gavin Crowley Fourth grandnephew
Ian Shortland Fourth grandnephew
Irene Cahill Fourth grandniece
James Crowley Fourth grandnephew
James O'Connell Fourth grandnephew
James O'Toole Fourth grandnephew
Joanne Crowley Fourth grandniece
John Corkery Fourth grandnephew
John Ellard Fourth grandnephew
John Finucane Fourth grandnephew
John Shortland Fourth grandnephew
Karen O'Toole Fourth grandniece
Katharine Crowley Fourth grandniece
Katie Finucane Fourth grandniece
Liam Corkery Fourth grandnephew
Linda Foley Fourth grandniece
Louise Foley Fourth grandniece
Lucille Malone Fourth grandniece
Lynn Shortland Fourth grandniece
Margaret Corkery Fourth grandniece
Mary B Crowley Fourth grandniece
Maurice Malone Fourth grandnephew
Michael Corkery Fourth grandnephew
Michael Hyland Fourth grandnephew
Michelle Crowley Fourth grandniece
Miriam Crowley Fourth grandniece
Niamh McCourt Fourth grandniece
Nicholas Crowley Fourth grandnephew
Paul Hyland Fourth grandnephew
Peter Ellard Fourth grandnephew
Peter Finucane Fourth grandnephew
Rebecca Crowley Fourth grandniece
Rebecca Shortland Fourth grandniece
Richard Daniel Shortland Fourth grandnephew
Ronan Crowley Fourth grandnephew
Roy Crowley Fourth grandnephew
Sandra Ellard Fourth grandniece
Shane McGuinness Fourth grandnephew
Simon Jamal Fourth grandnephew
Sinead Cahill Fourth grandniece
Sinead Crowley Fourth grandniece
Stephen Crowley Fourth grandnephew
Suzanne Foley Fourth grandniece
Timothy Crowley Fourth grandnephew
Daniel Crowley Fourth grandnephew 1972
Gillian Noreen Crowley Fourth grandniece Cork 1972
Valerie Molloy Fourth grandniece 1973
Anne Molloy Fourth grandniece 1974
Alison Crowley Fourth grandniece 1976
Jennifer Crowley Fourth grandniece Chicago, Illinois, United States 1977
Neil Crowley Fourth grandnephew 1978
Patrick Crowley Fourth grandnephew 1978
Alyn Crowley Fourth grandnephew 1979
Aoife Crowley Fourth grandniece 1980
Dr. Katie Emma Crowley Fourth grandniece Cork 1981
Michelle Crowley-Roth Fourth grandniece 1981
Steven Crowley Fourth grandnephew 1981
Clare Crowley Fourth grandniece 1983
Luke Crowley Fourth grandnephew 1987
Fifth grandnephews & Fifth grandnieces
Alison Mullins Fifth grandniece
Amélie Crowley Fifth grandniece
Ana Claire O'Connell Fifth grandniece
Caroline Crowley-Smyth Fifth grandniece
Ciara Lotty Fifth grandniece
Conor Crowley-Hughes Fifth grandnephew
Daniel Fahy Fifth grandnephew
Daniel Mullins Fifth grandnephew
David Geary Fifth grandnephew
Donald Kevin Henderson Fifth grandnephew
Eamonn Corkery Fifth grandnephew
Emily O'Connell Fifth grandniece
Esme Crowley Fifth grandniece
Esme Iremonger Fifth grandniece
Fiona Hyland Fifth grandniece
Griffin Crowley Fifth grandnephew
Harrison Arthur McNeill Fifth grandnephew
Jake Fahy Fifth grandnephew
Jan Marovic Fifth grandnephew
John Spelman Fifth grandnephew
Joshua Crowley Fifth grandnephew
Julie Bell Verling Fifth grandniece
Juliette Corkery Fifth grandniece
Juliette Crowley-Smyth Fifth grandniece
Lauryn Dyer Fifth grandniece
Laverne Crowley Fifth grandniece
Leah Jennings Fifth grandniece
Lisa Geary Fifth grandniece
Louis Crowley Fifth grandnephew
Lyron Cahill Fifth grandnephew
Maria Crowley-Smyth Fifth grandniece
Mia Crowley Fifth grandniece
Niamh O'Connell Fifth grandniece
Nicolas Dyer Fifth grandnephew
Olivia Haynes Fifth grandniece
Paula Geary Fifth grandniece
Roisin Crowley Fifth grandniece
Sam Hugh Verling Fifth grandnephew
Sarah Fahy Fifth grandniece
Sarah Jennings Fifth grandniece
Sophie Dyer Fifth grandniece
Tara Coughlan Fifth grandniece
Tara Crowley Fifth grandniece
Thomas Crowley Fifth grandnephew
Thomas Marovic Fifth grandnephew
TJ Lotty Fifth grandnephew
Tomas Spelman Fifth grandnephew
Vanessa Crowley Fifth grandniece
Amelia Crowley-Roth Fifth grandniece 1990
Josie Crowley-Roth Fifth grandniece 1992
Tadgh Crowley Fifth grandnephew 1993 2012
Emily Cox ? Fifth grandniece 1994
Jemima Faye Cox Fifth grandniece 1995
Cosima Crowley-Roth Fifth grandniece 1996
Alessandra Crowley Fifth grandniece 1998
Yves Crowley Fifth grandnephew 1998
Richard O'Dwyer (?) Fifth grandnephew 1999
Georgia Loewy Fifth grandniece 2000
Amy McCarthy Fifth grandniece 2001
Aaron O'Kelly Fifth grandnephew 2002
Joseph Crowley Fifth grandnephew 2002
Mia Irene Kulkarni Fifth grandniece Brussels, Belgium 2002
Sophie Christine Kulkarni Fifth grandniece Brussels, Belgium 2002
Seamus Crowley Fifth grandnephew 2003
Kieran Crowley Fifth grandnephew 2005
Jack Mallon Fifth grandnephew 21/11/2005
Megan Mallon Fifth grandniece 21/11/2005
Darragh Crowley Fifth grandnephew 2006
Edward Crowley Fifth grandnephew 2006
Grace Lucy Florence Kulkarni Fifth grandniece Brussels, Belgium 2007
Ronan Crowley Fifth grandnephew 2008
Sean Crowley Fifth grandnephew 2008
Evan Crowley Fifth grandnephew 2009
Patrick Cathal Spelman Fifth grandnephew 2009
Ethan Daniel Carne Fifth grandnephew Bromley, Kent, UK 2010
Margaret Jane Spelman Fifth grandniece 2010
Anna Crowley Fifth grandniece 2011
Aoife Crowley Fifth grandniece 2011
Alyn-James Duncan Henderson Fifth grandnephew 2013
new child Crowley Fifth grandniece 2013
Saoirse Corkery Fifth grandniece 2013
Owen Edward Carne Fifth grandnephew Bromley, England 3 December 2013
Conan Crowley Fifth grandnephew 09/05/2015
6th grandnephews & 6th grandnieces
Brian Barrett 6th grandnephew
Henry James Bateson 6th grandnephew
Olan David Barrett 6th grandnephew
Leila Geary 6th Grandniece 2010
Liam Geary 6th grandnephew 2010