The Family Tree

Maud Unkown

Person Chart

Additional Names

Additional Names Name
Married Name Mehigan

Kinship Report

Name Type Place of Birth Date of Birth Place of Death Date of Death
John Mehigan Partner or husband 1895
Bartley Mehigan Son
Charlie Mehigan Son 1989
Greta Mehigan Daughter
John Mehigan Son
Kitty Mehigan Daughter
Nell Mehigan Daughter
Sheila Mehigan Daughter
Cerise Malone Granddaughter
Frank Malone Grandson
John Malone Grandson
Lucille Malone Granddaughter
Margaret Malone Granddaughter
Mellssa Malone Granddaughter
Stephen Malone Grandson
Great grandchildren
Finbarr Malone Great grandson
Lucille Malone Great granddaughter
Maurice Malone Great grandson