The Family Tree

Richard Frederick Hatton

Person Chart


Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth
Richard Hatton Catherine Burns

Person Events

Event Type Date Place Description
Birth 23 May 1903

Kinship Report

Name Type Place of Birth Date of Birth Place of Death Date of Death
Mary Anne Kelly Partner or wife
Brothers & Sisters
Thomas Hatton Stepbrother June 1905
James Hatton Stepbrother March 1907
John (Jack) Hatton Stepbrother 23 May 1909
Lily Hatton Stepsister 7 March 1911
Ernest Hatton Stepbrother 21 March 1913
Violet Hatton Stepsister 13 August 1914
Ruby Hatton Stepsister 7 March 1916
George Hatton Stepbrother 13 August 1918 2011
Ernest Hatton Son
George Hatton Son
John Hatton Son
Joseph Hatton Son
Marie Hatton Daughter
Richard Hatton Son
Catherine Burns Stepmother
Richard Hatton Stepfather 1920
Barry Hatton Grandson
Catriona Hatton Granddaughter
Colin Hatton Grandson
David Hatton Grandson
Dorothy Walker Granddaughter
Eamonn Hatton Grandson
Fergal Hatton Grandson
Freda Hatton Grandson
Frederick Walker Grandson
Gerard Walker Grandson
Gerardine Hatton Granddaughter
James Hatton Grandson
Kenneth Hatton Grandson
Richard Hatton Grandson
Sean Hatton Grandson
Sean Hatton Grandson
Great grandchildren
Catriona Hatton Great granddaughter
Conor Hatton Great grandson
Emma Hatton Great granddaughter
Gary Walker Great grandson
Grainne Walker Great granddaughter
Jack D'Arcy Great grandson
Jack Hatton Great grandson
James Hatton Great grandson
Jason Walker Great grandson
Jenny D'Arcy Great granddaughter
Jenny Hatton Great granddaughter
Katie Nixon Great grandson
Niall Walker Great grandson
Robin Nixon Great grandson
Ronan Walker Great grandson
Rory Hatton Great grandson
Sam Hatton Great grandson
Sinead Walker Great granddaughter