Rhona HATTON Edward HATTON [[Richard]] HATTON Catherine BURNS Lucy MALONE Stephen MALONE Lucille MULLINS Timmy LYONS Dermot LYONS

Additional Names

Type Name
Married Name LYONS


Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth
 Edward HATTON 1924  Lucy MALONE

Partners & Children

Partners Date of Birth Children
 Timmy LYONS  Dermot LYONS







NameDegree of KinshipDate of BirthPlace of BirthDate of DeathPlace of Death
Timmy LYONSPartner or Husband
Brothers & Sisters
Eric HATTONBrother
Jacinta HATTON (O'BRIEN)Sister
Louie HATTON (KENNY)Sister
Irene HATTON (CROWLEY)Sister1948
Dermot LYONSSon
Edward HATTONFather19241975
Catherine BURNS (HATTON)Grandmother
Lucille MULLINS (MALONE)Grandmother
Stephen MALONEGrandfather
[[Richard]] HATTONGrandfather
Great grandparents
Catherine DERWIN (MULLINS)Great grandmother
Catherine DUNLOP (BURNS)Great grandmother
Frank MULLINSGreat grandfather
John BURNSGreat grandfather
Jeremiah MALONEGreat grandfather1869
Margaret [Hannah] NOT KNOWN (MALONE)Great grandmother1871
Second great grandparents
Nora UNKNOWN (MULLINS)Second great grandmother1852
Bridget UNKNOWN (DERWIN)Second great grandmother1853
Nephews & Nieces
Brian KENNYNephew
Charlie COLLINSNephew
Edward KENNYNephew
Jack HATTONNephew
Sharon KENNYNiece
Gillian CROWLEY (KULKARNI)Niece1972
Jennifer CROWLEY (CARNE)Niece1977
Katie CROWLEYNiece1981
Hugh O'BRIENNephew1988
Alan O'BRIENNephew1993
Grandnephews & Grandnieces
Grace KULKARNIGrandniece
Kacey LONGGrandniece
Mia KULKARNIGrandniece
Oilann KENNYGrandnephew
Sophie KULKARNIGrandniece
Ethan Daniel CARNEGrandnephew2010
Uncles & Aunts
Catherine MALONEAunt
Dympna MALONEAunt
Finbarr MALONEUncle
Frank MALONEUncle
Henry MALONEUncle
Jeremiah MALONEUncle
John MALONEUncle
Margie MALONEUncle
Theresa MALONE (LONG)Aunt
Thomas HATTONUncle1905
James HATTONUncle1907
John HATTONUncle1909
Lily HATTONAunt1911
Ernest HATTONUncle1913
Violet HATTON (MITCHELL)Aunt1914
Ruby HATTON (OUTEN)Aunt1916
George HATTONUncle19182011
Great uncles & Great aunts
Bridget MULLINSGreat aunt
Elizabeth MULLINSGreat aunt
Katie MULLINS (DEVERY)Great aunt
Mary MULLINSGreat aunt
Adrian OUTENFirst cousin (m)
Anne HATTONFirst cousin (f)
Anthony LONGFirst cousin (m)
Brian KELLYFirst cousin (m)
Catriona HATTONFirst cousin (f)
Cerise MALONEFirst cousin (f)
Christopher LONGFirst cousin (m)
David HATTONFirst cousin (m)
Derek OUTENFirst cousin (m)
Diann MALONEFirst cousin (f)
Ernest HATTONFirst cousin (m)
Finbarr MALONEFirst cousin (m)
Frances LONG (STREETER)First cousin (f)
Frank MALONEFirst cousin (m)
Frederick HATTONFirst cousin (m)
Gary MALONEFirst cousin (m)
Gary MALONEFirst cousin (m)
James LONGFirst cousin (m)
John KELLYFirst cousin (m)
John MALONEFirst cousin (m)
Kevin MALONEFirst cousin (m)
Leonard HATTONFirst cousin (m)
Lorraine MALONEFirst cousin (f)
Lucille MALONEFirst cousin (f)
Lucy MALONEFirst cousin (f)
Margaret MALONEFirst cousin (f)
Martin LONGFirst cousin (m)
Maurice MALONEFirst cousin (m)
Mellssa MALONEFirst cousin (f)
Michelle ORMONDFirst cousin (f)
Patrick ORMONDFirst cousin (m)
Richard HATTONFirst cousin (m)
Robin HATTONFirst cousin (m)
Stephen MALONEFirst cousin (m)
Stephen MALONEFirst cousin (m)
Susan ORMONDFirst cousin (f)
Yves MALONEFirst cousin (m)
Yvonne HATTONFirst cousin (f)
Yvonne ORMONDFirst cousin (f)
1st cousins once removed
Aisling KELLY1st cousin once removed (f)
Alex MCCANN1st cousin once removed (m)
Brian KELLY1st cousin once removed (m)
Carol KELLY1st cousin once removed (f)
Charles HATTON1st cousin once removed (m)
Emma CONNAUGHTON1st cousin once removed (f)
Eric MCCANN1st cousin once removed (m)
Ewan OUTEN1st cousin once removed (m)
Faye MILNER1st cousin once removed (f)
Finbarr MALONE1st cousin once removed (m)
Fiona KELLY1st cousin once removed (f)
Harry MCCANN1st cousin once removed (m)
Howard HATTON1st cousin once removed (m)
Ian HATTON1st cousin once removed (m)
John CONNAUGHTON1st cousin once removed (m)
Karly MILNER1st cousin once removed (f)
Laura KELLY1st cousin once removed (f)
Laurence HATTON1st cousin once removed (m)
Leslie OUTEN1st cousin once removed (m)
Lucille MALONE1st cousin once removed (f)
Lucy MCCANN1st cousin once removed (f)
Maurice MALONE1st cousin once removed (m)
Miriam OUTEN1st cousin once removed (f)
Neil MILNER1st cousin once removed (m)
Peter HATTON1st cousin once removed (m)
Sean KELLY1st cousin once removed (m)
Sharon OUTEN1st cousin once removed (f)
1st cousins twice removed
Brian KELLY ?1st cousin twice removed (m)
Ciona LAWLESS1st cousin twice removed (f)
Katie DUNNE1st cousin twice removed (f)
Odran KELLY1st cousin twice removed (m)

World History

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